ServerWatch: ACRN Arrives on the Scene as a Mini Hypervisor for IIoT

Hypervisors are pretty complex pieces of software, and that means new ones don’t appear on the scene very often — although a few new hypervisors designed for container environments have hit the headlines in the last year or so.

But alongside containers, there is one other area of technology that has been touted to become huge in the next few years, and that’s the Internet of Things (IoT), which includes the potentially mega-huge Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)…

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Wrap-Up: ACRN Hypervisor Meet-Up in Shanghai

By Hongbo Wang, Cherry Wang and Xiaolan Wang on behalf of The ACRN Meetup Team

Executive Summary

The first ACRN Community meet-up was held on June 14, 2018 in Shanghai, hosted by Intel. There was a total of 118 attendees with representative from various companies & industry segments, e.g. Shanghai GM, Mentor, Archemind, Huawei, Bosch, Ruijie, and more to name a few.

The meetup was a great event to bring the community up-to-speed on ACRN usage,..

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The Linux Foundation: Crack Open ACRN – A Device Hypervisor Designed for IoT

This article was produced by The Linux Foundation with contributions from Eddie Dong, Principle Engineer of Intel Open Source Center.

As the Internet of Things has grown in scale, IoT developers are increasingly expected to support a range of hardware resources, operating systems, and software tools/applications. This is a challenge given many connected devices are size-constrained. Virtualization can help meet these broad needs, but existing options don’t offer the right mix of size,..

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Harman’s New-Generation Intelligent Cockpit – Based on Intel’s Computing Platform

This article was first released on TMTPost (钛媒体), a Chinese media/news outlet focusing on technology, media and telecom industries on April 27, 2018 in Mandarin. This is the translated version of the news article.

When the automobile is seen as a mobility tool with more intelligent and connected attributes, developing a model with premium experiences is no longer simply the business of automobile manufacturers. A growing number of technology companies and suppliers are beginning to shift their mindset,..

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标题:ACRN亮相云栖大会,英特尔与AliOS联手打造电子座舱解决方案ACRN Debuts at Alibaba’s YunQi Conference, Intel and AliOS Working Together to Create an Electronic-Cockpit Solution


2018 YunQi Conference Shenzhen Summit was held last week at Sheraton Shenzhen. Alibaba showcased their technology and products in the field of Cloud Computing, Big Data, AI and IoT, and gave an analysis on the trend of these technologies. Mr. HU Xiaoming, GM of Alibaba Cloud said: ‘in the past 20 years, the internet has been ‘Internet of People’; for the next 20 years, it will be ‘Internet of Things’. The first half of the game is to digitalize human activities,..

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Intel® Testimonial

Introducing ACRN™: A Big Little Hypervisor for IoT Development

By Imad Sousou

IoT developers face mounting demands as connected devices are increasingly expected to support a range of hardware resources, operating systems, and software tools/applications. As we’ve seen in other market segments, virtualization is key to meeting these broad needs.

However, existing solutions don’t offer the right size and flexibility for IoT. Data center hypervisor code is too big,..

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The Linux Foundation Announces an Open Source Reference Hypervisor Project Designed for IoT Device Development

ACRN™ is a flexible, lightweight reference hypervisor with significant code contributions from Intel® Corporation

PORTLAND, Ore. (Embedded Linux Conference), March 13, 2018 – The Linux Foundation today announced a new embedded reference hypervisor project called ACRN™ (pronounced “acorn”). With engineering and code contributions from Intel® Corporation, the hypervisor was built with real-time and safety-criticality in mind, and optimized to streamline embedded development. This project will provide a framework for industry leaders to build an open source embedded hypervisor specifically for the Internet of Things (IoT)…

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