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ACRN Release Version 1.6.1

By May 11, 2020Blog

We are pleased to announce the update release of ACRN™ hypervisor version 1.6.1.

What’s New in v1.6.1

  • ACRN can now use libvirt to support VM orchestration based on OpenStack.

    Libvirt is an open-source API library, daemon (libvirtd), and a command-line management tool (virsh) that decouples specific orchestrators (such as OpenStack) and hypervisors (such as ACRN). Our adding an “ACRN driver” allows libvirt to support ACRN. A libvirt based orchestrator can configure an ACRN guest domain’s CPU configuration during VM creation. We also support dynamic configuration for vCPU affinity via the ACRN Device Manager (acrn-dm). The ACRN configuration tool is also updated based on VM orchestration support. Refer to the ACRN-libvirt repo for more information.
ACRN v1.6.1 support for libvirt-based VMM orchestrators
ACRN v1.6.1 support for libvirt-based VMM orchestrators
  • CPU sharing and GVT-d are now enabled by default.
  • Platforms with multiple IO-APICs are supported.
  • VT-d Posted interrupts are supported.

See the full release notes and latest documentation for more information about this 1.6.1 release.

Documentation Updates

Many new and updated reference documents are available, including:

We recommend that all developers upgrade to ACRN release v1.6.1.