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Project ACRN™ 2024 Roadmap Update

By September 28, 2023Blog

After review by the ACRN Technical Steering Committee (TSC), we’ve published an updated ACRN Open Source Roadmap, showing what’s in the support plans for 2024, including:

  • New Hypervisor features, such as supporting Celadon for Android-based scenarios, virtualized performance and thermal controls, and redefining the characteristics of the Service VM for supporting additional scenarios and use cases
  • New I/O Virtualization features, such as Guest S3 support, virtio-blk performance improvements (including more efficient image formats), notifications of VM events, and TPM virtualization to support security use cases
  • A new long-term project enabling the ACRN Hypervisor on RISC-V architecture.

Take a look at the updated ACRN Open Source Roadmap for more details.