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ACRN Project Releases Version 0.6

By February 18, 2019March 21st, 2019Blog

ACRN has released version 0.6 (see the release notes and documentation), an updated revision of the project with significant new features and fixed bugs. The project team encourages you to learn more about ACRN and try it out, and also to join the weekly technical call.

The major new and updated features are summarized in the release notes, along with bugs fixed and known issues. These are the new features in 0.6:

New Features:

Enable Privileged VM support for real-time UOS in ACRN: Initial patches to enable a User OS (UOS) running as a virtual machine (VM) with real-time characteristics, also called a “Privileged VM”. We’ve published a tutorial Using PREEMPT_RT-Linux for real-time UOS. More patches for ACRN real time support will continue.

Documentation Updates:

Fixed Issues:

See the release notes.

Known Issues:

See the release notes.