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ACRN Hypervisor Release Version 2.7

By December 20, 2021Blog

We are pleased to announce the release of ACRN™ hypervisor version 2.7.

What’s New in v2.7

Updated API and Documentation Terminology

We’ve updated the hypervisor APIs and documentation to consistently use the terms User VM and Service VM instead of UOS and SOS. These changes appear throughout the C and .xml configuration files as well. You will need to update your uses of the previously named entities. See the full v2.7 release notes for details.

Updated Scenario Names

The pre-defined scenario names were changed to be indicative of their properties instead of an example use. The “industry” scenario is now called “shared”, the “logical partitioning” scenario is now called “partitioned”. The hybrid scenario remains the same.

User-Friendly VM names

Instead of using a UUID as the User VM identifier, we’re now using a user-friendly VM name.

Extended Use of Cache Allocation (CAT) Tunings to VMs

In previous releases, Cache Allocation Technology (CAT) was available only at the hypervisor level and with per-pCPU granularity. In this v2.7 release, each VM with exclusive cache resources can partition them with per-thread granularity and allocate cache resources to prioritized tasks.

Expanded Passthrough Device Use Cases

We now allow pre-launched VMs (in partitioned or hybrid scenarios) to use graphics device passthrough for improved performance, a feature previously available to only post-launched VMs. Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 and its associated resource can now be passthrough to post-launched VMs, a feature previously available to only pre-launched VMs.

See the full v2.7 release notes and documentation for more information about this release including fixed and known issues.