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ACRN Hypervisor Release Version 2.6

By September 28, 2021Blog

We are pleased to announce the release of ACRN™ hypervisor version 2.6.

What’s New in v2.6

Nested Virtualization Technology Performance Tuning

The performance of nested virtualization, a feature first introduced as a preview in the v2.5 release, was improved. CPU and I/O performance of level 2 virtual machines (for example, a VM running on a KVM/QEMU VM that itself is a VM on ACRN hypervisor) is now on par with a VM running on KVM on bare metal. Read more in the Enable Nested Virtualization tutorial.

Support loading OSs in ELF format

ACRN hypervisor now can load OS images packed in ELF (Executable and Linkable Format). This adds flexibility to OSs such as Zephyr running in pre-launched VMs.

Major Improvements to Introductory Material

We’ve made major improvements to the introductory ACRN documentation including:

See the v2.6 full release notes and documentation for more information about this release including fixed and known issues.