ACRN™ and Intel Drive Chery EXEED’s Transformation of the Automotive Experience

Have you ever driven home after work and
wanted to stay in your car to relax a little more instead of going inside of
the house?

of the rapid advancement in technology, our cars are no longer simply a means
of transportation, but are now the “second living space” in our
lives. Our expectation is now for cars to become mobile living rooms where we
can socialize and entertain. The essential In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)
systems need to support more complex operating systems,..

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ACRN Project Releases Version 1.2

We are pleased to announce the release of ACRN™ Hypervisor version 1.2 which introduces a number of new features.

What’s New in Release Version 1.2

  • Support for OVMF as virtual boot loader for Service VM to launch Clearlinux, VxWorks or Windows. Secure boot is also supported
  • Support for Kata containers.
  • Windows as a Guest (WaaG): USB host (xHCI) mediator
  • Virtualization support for Always Running Timer (ART)
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements

See the full release notes and latest documentation for more information about this 1.2 release…

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Project ACRN at Open Source Summit + Automotive Linux Summit Japan 2019

Big changes are coming to the world of hypervisors. The open source Project ACRN is a device hypervisor targeting Edge and IoT devices. ACRN supports multiple Operating Systems (OSes) with diverse software stacks and a variety of workloads to run on the same platform enabling significant workload consolidation. Its small footprint means that it can be used in resource constrained environments. As Functional Safety (FuSa) hypervisors are being increasingly relied on to handle multiple workloads with speed and security,..

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ACRN Contributes to the Success of the 1st Open Source IoT Projects Community Event

The 1st Open Source IoT Projects Seminar was held on June 11-12 in Shanghai hosted at the Intel Zizhu Office. This is a new event and the first time that we have run a community meeting focused on promoting open source projects in the IoT arena. Themed ‘Open Source Drives IoT, From Device to Edge’, and sponsored in collaboration with the ACRN, AliOS, Celadon, Clear Linux, ROS 2, StarlingX and Zephyr projects,..

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ACRN Project Releases Version 1.1

We are pleased to announce the release of ACRN™ Hypervisor version 1.1 which introduces Hybrid Mode and support for Zephyr, VxWorks and Windows as new Guest Operating Systems.

In this reference release, we use Clear Linux* as the Service OS (SOS) and User OS (UOS).  Android* and other Linux* based OSes can also be used as a UOS.

See the full release notes and latest documentation for more information about this 1.1 release…

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Open Source Drives IoT From Device to Edge

The 1st PRC IoT Open Source Projects Seminar will be held from June 11 to 12, 2019,We are very pleased to invite you to attend the Event in Shanghai.

Open source is now mainstream in all software stack, Intel is leading open source software development which covers a large span of technologies from virtualization, real-time, security and safety etc. Numerous IoT innovations can benefit from these open source projects, from device to edge to cloud with Intel platforms…

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HopeRun Software Joins ACRN Hypervisor community to Accelerate Virtualization Solutions

HopeRun Software announced that it has become a strategic software partner of the open source technology Project ACRN, which will be a key component of its virtualization strategy. This is another major development for HopeRun Software’s IoT engagement. They have added support for 74 chip-level capabilities on the HiHope platform which will have a significant impact in the field of embedded virtualization such as in-vehicle, power management, and retail.

ACRN: Embedded Virtualization Open Source Platform for IoT

IoT virtualization is faced with three major challenges…

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Case Study: ACRN Helps Neusoft Automotive Develop Smart Cockpit Systems by Leveraging the Advantages of Open Source Technology

Neusoft entered the field of automotive electronics through cooperation with Alpine in 1991. In the past 27 years, the company has solidified its technical strength, accumulated deep technical experience, and integrated the innovation capabilities of automotive electronics technology from three diverse geographic regions. Neusoft has established extensive cooperation with many of the world’s top automakers with rich experience in products and services and has signed framework contracts with a number of domestic and foreign automakers…

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ACRN Project Releases Version 1.0

We are pleased to announce the release of ACRN™ Hypervisor version 1.0, a key Project ACRN milestone focused on automotive Software-Defined Cockpit (SDC) use cases and introducing additional architecture enhancements for more IoT usages, such as Industrial workload consolidation.

This v1.0 release is a production-ready reference solution for SDC usages that typically require multiple VMs, GPU sharing, and rich I/O mediation for sharing storage, network, USB devices, and more. This release also includes architectural enhancements for supporting diverse IoT workload consolidation usages,..

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