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Wrap-Up: ACRN Hypervisor Meet-Up in Shanghai

By June 25, 2018May 18th, 2020Blog

By Hongbo Wang, Cherry Wang and Xiaolan Wang on behalf of The ACRN Meetup Team

Executive Summary

The first ACRN Community meet-up was held on June 14, 2018 in Shanghai, hosted by Intel. There was a total of 118 attendees with representative from various companies & industry segments, e.g. Shanghai GM, Mentor, Archemind, Huawei, Bosch, Ruijie, and more to name a few.

The meetup was a great event to bring the community up-to-speed on ACRN usage, roadmap & hypervisor architecture overview, focused sessions on Virtio & GPU sharing, and how to build/bring-up & debug ACRN. Attendees were very engaged and there were lots of questions during the sessions.

The team prepared five Apollo Lake UP2 boards as lucky draw prizes that were given out to the developers in attendance. We are looking forward to their feedback and contributions back on these boards. We also shared pictures real-time via the ACRN WeChat Group and weibo, then published meet-up materials and video recording so those who weren’t able to come could also study the materials offline.

The meetup allowed us to learn of the strong interest in using ACRN for various IoT usages from the community. We also received immediate positive feedback from the attendees, and received 2 patches from the community within 48 hours of the meet-up.

Agenda and Speakers

The full-day Meetup covered ACRN usage models, open source project governance model, features list and roadmap discussion, hypervisor architecture, Virtio framework, GPU sharing, featured a hands-on session for build/bring-up/debug ACRN and showcased three ACRN demos. Attendees were very engaged and there were lots of Q&As during the sessions.


Demos and Hands-on

  1. LaaG on Apollo Lake NUC: SOS (Clear Linux) + 1 * Guest OS (Clear Linux)
  2. AaaG on Kabylake desktop: SOS (Clear Linux) + 3 * Guest Android (Android O)
  3. LaaG hands-on on Apollo Lake UP2 boards

Q&A and Lucky Draw

There were good questions throughout the sessions. At the end, we collected feedback from the attendees and gave away five UP2 boards as lucky draw to the developers in attendance.

Sample Feedback Comments

  • “I appreciate the good organization of the ACRN Hypervisor Meetup. A new beautiful and exiting world was shown to us on the seminar. Wish I can catch the developing of this VM technology on Embedded Systems”
  • “Thank you very much for organizing this great event to have community members, customers and Intel team to share, brainstorming and collaborate! Great event and appreciate everybody’s contribution and sharing!!”

More On-Site Photos

Special thanks To (Not the Full Attendee List)


  • Aung, Diana
  • Chen, Conghui
  • Jiang, Fei
  • Li, Susie
  • Ren, Jack
  • Wen, Denny Z
  • Wang, Hongbo
  • Yang, Ailin/Wang, Nianhui

Demos and Hands-On: ACRN

  • Wang, Nianhui
  • Yan, Like
  • Yang, Ailin
  • Zou, Terry

Event Team/Volunteers:

  • Gu, Queenie
  • Wang, Xiaolan
  • Wang, Cherry
  • Zhuang, Lena
  • Zhai, Edwin
  • Yan, Like