ACRN Contributes to the Success of the 1st Open Source IoT Projects Community Event

The 1st Open Source IoT Projects Seminar was held on June 11-12 in Shanghai hosted at the Intel Zizhu Office. This is a new event and the first time that we have run a community meeting focused on promoting open source projects in the IoT arena. Themed ‘Open Source Drives IoT, From Device to Edge’, and sponsored in collaboration with the ACRN, AliOS, Celadon, Clear Linux, ROS 2, StarlingX and Zephyr projects,..

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Open Source Drives IoT From Device to Edge

The 1st PRC IoT Open Source Projects Seminar will be held from June 11 to 12, 2019,We are very pleased to invite you to attend the Event in Shanghai.

Open source is now mainstream in all software stack, Intel is leading open source software development which covers a large span of technologies from virtualization, real-time, security and safety etc. Numerous IoT innovations can benefit from these open source projects, from device to edge to cloud with Intel platforms…

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