Demo of Workload Consolidation on Edge Devices

A demo of “Industrial IoT Edge to Cloud” develops an end-to-end scenario using many innovative open-source projects. The use case presented is an industrial edge node running real-time and Artificial Intelligence (AI) workloads on a single platform.
This demo featured a number of open-source projects and technologies relevant to the IoT and Edge domains. This included Project ACRNTM (IoT hypervisor), Zephyr ProjetTM (RTOS), and Intel® Optimization for TensorFlow* (AI), Docker (Container OS-virtualization). Through real-life use cases and hypothetical scenarios, the demo showed how combining diverse projects enables new functionalities such as advanced workload consolidation….

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ACRN™ and Intel Drive Chery EXEED’s Transformation of the Automotive Experience

Have you ever driven home after work and wanted to stay in your car to relax a little more instead of going inside of the house?

Because of the rapid advancement in technology, our cars are no longer simply a means of transportation, but are now the “second living space” in our lives. Our expectation is now for cars to become mobile living rooms where we can socialize and entertain. The essential In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems need to support more complex operating systems,..

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